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Innovation mindset

Real innovation requires a culture of imagination and authenticity. New products aren’t created in a vacuum. You need honest conversations, “democratic” ideation, and lots of listening. Innovation also requires partnership – the central modality of our co-creative work.

MCS has worked for over a decade to foster the kind of human-centered culture where innovation is possible. We value extensive qualitative research, data collection, and input from every stakeholder group in our client’s organization. The result: we build solutions that outpace the immediate business demands of our customers and position them for the future.


Our approach to innovation begins with in-depth stakeholder interviews in order to understand product expectations and outline goals, timelines and constraints. Companies want to deliver new digital products in record time, but innovating under ambitious deadlines has to be done with care to avoid waste.

Our customer experience and design experts will help you understand market opportunities, uncover customer motivations, and validate your product direction. we also review competitive offerings, analyze market expectations, and identify opportunities for differentiation — all before you make a major investment. the goal is to develop a clear idea of what constitutes the “the 3 minimums” – viable, marketable, delightful.






Rooted in design thinking and psychology-infused research practices, this low-risk approach is among the first steps in creating compelling digital experiences for your customers. In the process, we draw from our expertise in service design and design thinking to create products that drive adoption and loyalty.

Our highly trained experts are skilled in designing new products as well as redesigning existing ones. With a strong track record of transforming legacy products into high-performing modern applications, our team gives your product the competitive edge it needs to excel in the market.





DaVinci didn’t create the Mona Lisa with an exact vision of the final product in mind. He created several iterations and ended up with a masterpiece. Our Agile development process takes the same approach: a continuous cycle of build, measure, learn, improve. We work as part of your team to maximize efficiency, minimize surprises, and increase speed to market.

This approach allows us to build functional, scalable front-end and back-end systems. Our development team also includes specialized talent in the latest emerging technologies, supported by our research facility, MCS labs. Whether you want us to drive the development process entirely, or you need to augment your in-house development capabilities, MCS can bring your vision to life.



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