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MCS has been empowering business organizations with best in class Oracle technology platform. Covering end to end processes, experts here help organizations blend in automation and restructure their workforce. We adopt a technology-first approach, rendering unique and revenue-driven solutions. Our solutions extend from consultation to assessment, deployment, and, support.

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Industry Leading Oracle Database Solutions

MCS has come up with dedicated Database services enabling the optimal management of data within an organization. All of the database solutions rendered by MCS is best in the industry and tailored to provide end to end maintenance and monitoring services.

With us, you will never have to worry about your organizational data. Right from integration to deployment, assessment, and analysis, our experts have the knack to remove the data silos.

Employing industry-best scalable tools, we proudly announce our services to be of top quality. Apart from My SQL and other database solutions, we extend our consultation and support for Oracle Technologies in the field of DB.

Whether you wish to integrate Oracle technology within your enterprise to already have one, Stridely Solutions will guide you through all. Our catalog of Oracle Technology Services comprise of:

Oracle DBA

Comprehensive DBA solutions designed to serve clients from all industries, MCS is one of the esteemed companies offering end to end Oracle database administration services. The fact that the business ecosystem is changing dynamically, there is a need to deploy solutions that can keep up with the same. It is important for organizations to assure that their business goals are met and this is where we come into the picture.

We help companies embed efficient DBA services to manage and monitor their Oracle infrastructure. Experts skilled in database consultation, integration, and management, MCS take immense care when it comes to data. We help organizations achieve optimal performance with aided agility.

Oracle Security Patch Update

MCS's Oracle Database Services also consists of security patch updates. Considering the fact that data today is of immense value, a single security gap in the database could compromise on your organization’s security. Losing your organizations or your customer’s data is something you would never want to happen.

To prevent the situation, you need to make sure that there aren’t any security gaps within the database servers. Technical right? Don’t worry, MCS will take care of it.

We offer comprehensive patch update services that would fix both technical and non-technical issues. It is known that critical patch updates are cumulative and the present update will have security information based on the previous update. In order to make the most out of the arrangement, we have teams working on the installed database servers. They monitor the system to identify and locate critical patches that are important and need to be fixed at the earliest.

Database Performance Tuning

Performance tuning is an important aspect of Oracle Database. It is seen that poor SQL statements or higher CPU usage tend to declutter the system, hampering the system performance. In case, your organization capitalizes on data for major business operations, having a poorly tuned Oracle DB might have devastating effects.

MCS steps forward to help you find the pain points within the server and suggest measures to curb the impact. Right from the configuration to the storage architecture and memory settings, our experts scan through all to locate SQL statements that might be detrimental to the performance. Based on the above, stringent measures are adopted to fix the errors and restore the overall business system.

Oracle Business Intelligence

Apart from the database migration and integration services, we at MCS, also provide solutions on Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Platform.

Organizations that rely on data require tools and technologies that will help them drive significant insights from the given set of data. With Oracle DBA services, you would definitely have access to organized data, stored and assessed. However, in order to benefit from this data, one must analyze it to attain valuable information.

This is where Oracle Technologies serve the need. Oracle Analytics tools are designed to help organizations make the most out of their data by gaining deeper insights on the same. Oracle tools blend artificial intelligence, machine learning and other emerging technologies under a single roof to help organizations attain contextual information and predict future happenings.

In case, you find working on the tools quite daunting, MCS will be of help. We integrate a comprehensive plan to study the organizational data, eliminate redundancy, and then pass them through the analytics tools to come up with potential information related to the data.

Oracle Warehouse Management

Helping organizations migrate their on-premise data to the cloud with Oracle Data Warehousing solutions. True that Oracle has been one of the pioneers in the industry and stands out from the competition, given its value proposition. Oracle solutions offer value and efficiency at the same and we at Stridely Solutions contribute towards the same.

Our core Oracle technology services extend to data warehousing. For organizations that are looking for cloud-based transformations, investing in Oracle Database Warehousing solutions is the best place to start with. It improves organizational performance while adding elasticity to the entire infrastructure.

Enterprise Performance Management

Integrated Oracle technology solutions to keep an eye on enterprise activities and deploy measures to manage them effortlessly. From creating plans to inducing BI protocols, tracking finances or setting up budgets, our experts will guide you throughout the implementation journey and assist you in the way by which you can capitalize your undertakings.

Customer Relationship Management

Besides catering to the requirements of the enterprise and its core functionalities, Oracle technology can also be embedded to stay tuned with ongoing marketing trends and customer responses. Oracle Marketing Cloud, Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud are a few of the apps that you can integrate and collaborate with when planning to optimize your business offerings.

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